XTREME-HPS will deliver to you a product that is unmatched by any competitor, a gaming computer that is 100% customizable by you, and most of all - a gaming computer that out performs mega systems that start at $5000.00! Before you choose a system, think about these three questions - what do I need my computer for? Will I need it for small / medium gaming periods? Or will I need it for hardcore, 8 hours on end game domination? Whatever your answer is, XTREME-HPS has got a gaming computer for you.

Custom gaming computers have been around for some time now and there are countless numbers of system builders today. This reality makes it hard to choose the right computer for you, but guess what my friend...you have finally landed on the right system builder's website! Wasn't that hard, was it? Ok maybe it was, but that is all over now, please take the time to get to know us and allow us to get to know you, by joining our community forums and taking a part in the growth of this fantastic company

   XTREME-HPS Computer Inc. custom builds the machines that are redefining what a PC can be. We are a young enthusiast company that brings old school business ethics to deliver the professionalism lacking in this market today. We have been custom building business systems since 2006, as of 2010 we have been supplying high demand systems to gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Quality, service, customer relations, and business ethics; these are words that don't often apply in the PC industry today. However they are words we live by. XTREME-HPS systems are built, tested and shipped right here in Canada and the US, customer support centers are located at each and every XTREME-HPS location and not outsource to phoran countries.

We have countless numbers of happy business clients, clients that return yearly for new computers and computer services. We NEVER loose a client and we NEVER look for short cuts. When we are ordered to provide a system, we provide a product that is unmatched by any competitor no matter how old they are.

Throughout this site you'll discover the products and the processes that make XTREME-HPS unique. You'll read how our clients feel about what we've built for them. And most importantly, you can begin imagining what we can create for you...