Even a modest modern secondhand yacht can cost millions of dollars, but
many of these vessels regularly sit docked for months or longer with their owners' expenses
piling up. Thanks to the launch of YachtAway, Boating has become far more affordable
both for those who own watercraft and travellers hoping to book rentals.
The brand-new service makes it easy for owners, managers, and charter companies to
connect directly with users seeking sailboats, powerboats, mega yachts, houseboats, and
more.  YachtAway's  streamlined  registration  process  allows  boat  owners  to  easily  get
started with making the most of their inactive craft. A carefully designed system also guides
pleasure boat owners through the process of creating a compelling description, ensuring
that every yacht will receive the attention it deserves.
Travellers benefit from an advanced, easy to use matching feature that allows them to
tailor each search to their needs and preferences. The mobile-friendly YachtAway system
displays qualifying results on a map that makes it simple to drill down into the details. Within
a few minutes, users can request bookings and connect with boat owners and captains
who are ready to enable the next Yachting or Sailing adventure.
"Many people dream of owning a pleasure boat, but the reality can end up being more
expensive  than  expected,"  said  a  YachtAway  representative.  "Far  too  many  yachts,
sailboats, and powerboats sit docked and unused for months at a time, with maintenance
fees and other costs adding up. We created YachtAway to enable a new way for boat
owners and managers to connect directly with travellers who want to book craft for their
own use. There has never been an easier or more affordable way to generate revenue
from a boat that would otherwise be costing its owner money. We're proud of what we
have to offer and look forward to serving many more owners, managers, and travellers in
the future."
Founded by yachting industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience, YachtAway
is now online and available to owners and travellers. A quick, simple registration process
allows boat owners to get started with making the most of their valuable assets.
About YachtAway:
Dedicated to connecting pleasure-boat owners directly to travellers, YachtAway is the
leading online rental marketplace for yachts, sailboats, powerboats and other watercraft.