Yacht-Rent.com gathered all Croatian charter yachts into one single web database. There are over 3500 yachts of all types and models listed with prices and images. Since in Croatia there are over 150 yacht charter companies it became difficult for a sailing fan to contact them all in order to find a perfect available boat. Therefore Yacht-Rent.com played very important role by collecting all the data from all charter companies in Croatia and structured them into one database. Every yacht charter company had different prices for different calendar weeks but we succeeded to build our system in such a way that visitor can find the cheapest ( or the most expensive ) available boat along the whole Croatian coast by couple of mouse clicks.

Charter prices that are listed on our web site are in fact owner's prices and Yacht-Rent.com does not increase them. It can be even lower than owner's prices because we reward our repeated guests with discounts.  Also every our client must be aware that there are early booking discounts as well as last minute discounts.