YallaTV is an online Arabic language entertainment platform that hosts filmmaker content from the Middle East.  

It's a new way for Arab filmmakers to connect with audiences, fans and each other in the Arab world in an authentic, professional social forum.  

YallaTV is focused on entertainment with a personal approach - from documentaries, feature films, and shorts to music videos, film trailers and animation.

By bridging the gap between film festivals and the broadcast world YallaTV provides the opportunity for Arab filmmakers from the Middle East to share their work with new audiences through web and mobile platforms.

Content Strategy

YallaTV is focused on sharing the personal experience.  

Observational films, passion projects, personal viewpoints, tributes, breaking stereotypes, overcoming the odds, identifying problems and solutions, personal adventures, innovations and building bridges to other worlds and people all qualify as areas of interest.  

This is why our logo is in a speech bubble - it is the spoken word translated into film that carries the filmmaker's message throughout their world.
Short Film Promotion

Short films are free to view and the site is designed to provide an established outlet for short filmmakers who may not have another platform to present their films.  

Not all short filmmakers are new producers - in fact, some very experienced filmmakers prefer the short film as it causes them to hone their storytelling skills and tell a good story in a condensed timeframe.
Documentary Film Promotion

The documentary film has long been a staple of the film world and this is where we as filmmakers and distribution professionals have the greatest reach for talent.  

We are featuring various documentary films on YallaTV™ as their stories are always worth being told.
Feature Film Promotion

Feature filmmakers are celebrities on YallaTV™, with monthly viewing periods treated as premieres, much like a theater engagement, to bring added value and benefit to feature filmmakers who choose to showcase their films with us.  Twelve feature films are promoted per year as monthly features on YallaTV™.

The feature film forum provides a strong incentive for audiences to receive significant value for their visit with great entertainment from award-winning filmmakers.
Filmmaker Community

More than just a place for entertainment, YallaTV™ is the place for Arab filmmakers to connect with fans and each other in a professional forum online and through mobile media.

Producers can promote their other works, comment on films and connect with fans by tweeting, adding links to FaceBook or sharing links via email.  

Your voice is heard.