Noodle machines from Yamato allow anyone to make artisan-level noodles with consistency in quality and control of production costs. It makes anyone a noodle master with ease of use, simple operation / adjustment, and Yamato noodle making methods. With over 40 years of experience in supporting noodle restaurants, professionals and businesses around the world, we are here to help you succeed with your own craft homemade noodles.

Since Yamato first began supplying its customers abroad with professional noodle making equipment – designed by the best Japanese engineers, assembled in Japan from Japanese parts, and subjected to the most rigorous quality controls – more than 1000 units have been installed in over 50 countries:

… from The Golden Coast to Lake Baikal, from The Cape of Good Hope to Botany Bay, from cold fjords to tropical beaches — Yamato noodle machines offer customers across the world the joy and satisfaction of good quality noodles.

We manufacture our machines to order, fine-tuning them to customers’ specifications (noodle specs, sizes, noodle ingredients, etc.).

We ship globally.

Shipping method and delivery address are up to a customer’s request (door-to-door delivery also available depending on a country).

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation, and shipping estimation / lead time to your location.

Yamato prides itself on strong commitment to quality of our own products (machines) and the products of our customers (noodles).

Delivery of a noodle machine is only half job done for us – if our customers are not making and serving noodles much better than mass produced factory noodles, we are not done yet.

After delivery, we help to set up the machine and train personnel how to use and maintain it in a proper way (users are provided with free text / video materials on how to set up and properly use the equipment as well as remote training / advice). We also provide what’s necessary to make sure noodles our customers make and serve are of the highest quality and taste:

it may be noodle recipes for the type(s) of noodles they want to make, or they may need some training / practicing. Supplier information on ingredients for their noodles. Whatever it is — we have expertise to help our customers.