Building your Japanese businesses

Yanasa is a small business incubator located in Tokyo helping companies to expand their activities in Japan by providing our clients with the services and resources to effectively bring their products to market.

The Yanasa "Ecosystem" concept allows all companies to benefit from a common platform, market opportunities, and business know-how in:

   * Accounting and Finance (cross border)
   * IT infrastructure (payments, SaaS, security)
   * Legal
   * Marketing Research
   * Data mining, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), AHP
   * Business networks

Yanasa Software Distribution, Localization and Auditing Services

Are you interested in localizing your products to be sold in Japan? Are you looking for country representation? Market entry services? Advice on who-is-who in Japan? Or may be some insight into the market? Auditing your current distributor?

Yanasa Software, part of the Yanasa incubation group, can help you.  Please take a look at the "Companies and Products We Represent" section for a list of companies are partnering with for software distribution in Japan.