Looking to Learn digital marketing ? Here the extensively documented methodology on digital marketing. I assure you this course is straight to the point, very practical. Digital marketing is a very dynamic field, though I have created this course to suite the present requirements. The course will be updated once in a while to keep the freshness.

Who can Learn Digital Marketing?
Basically this course is for anyone who have an intention to learn digital marketing. This course is suitable for engineers, doctors, lawyers, college graduates & whoever interested. I primarily designed this course inspired by Elon musk first principle's thinking philosophy. I explained strategies with first principle which might not necessarily be same as widely followed herd like strategies.

The strategies I'd recommended are 100% used by me on various campaign on different geographies. I'd encourage you to use the strategies recommended, if you need any clarification you can reach me out social media and email.

This will help you to setup the digital marketing campaigns on your own, forming strategies, understanding reports, analyzing & optimizing ad campaigns. If you're a small business owner who looked to setup digital marketing, you can use the strategies straightway. In case you need any assistance you can reach out to me.

If you're a college student and looking to have a career in digital marketing then this is the only course you need. Remember , this course is good enough to create a real-life advertisement campaigns, so as a fresher you will be having the knowledge of professionals- which is a competitive edge over other freshers who are applying for the same job as you.

MBA students can also use this course to upgrade their knowledge before entering into the real job.

Course Structure
This digital marketing course is very comprehensive and structured. Totally divided into 5 chapters.


Google ads
Facebook Ads
LinkedIn & other ads
Analytics & Measurement