Yaypo5 is a simple, straight-forward, and affordable reminder-based wellness service for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Short activity videos are emailed to subscribers twice per business day reminding them to get up, take an active break, and watch a fresh light activity video that engages all the muscles in breathing, stretching, low impact exercise, and yoga movements without having to change existing daily routines.

Our videos fight two important issues facing working professionals worldwide. First, according to an article by USNews, 86% of working Americans sit, on average, 13 hours per day. Sitting for long periods of time can have dramatic effects on your health. Secondly, at several times during the day we experience low blood sugar and insulin levels. These "lulls" can dramatically reduce productivity, creativity, and work energy levels.

Yaypo fights both of these issues reminding users to get up and follow a light activity video. In addition, the emails remind participants to drink water and have a light healthy snack. These 3 activities, a couple times per day, can significantly impact the negative effects of low energy and long periods of sitting at your workspace.