In the past fifteen years, this little agency has had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in the food world (Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, Emeril Lagasse, Ferran Adria, Art Smith, Curtis Stone, Cat Cora, the Voltaggio Brothers and Jonathan Waxman), as well as some of the most interesting brands in the marketplace (Pie Face, Nudo, Calphalon and Taste #5).

All of our clients are leaders in their fields, and that’s not a coincidence. I’ve kept the agency small on purpose. We choose to work with brands and people who inspire us. Because of our vast and varied experience, we’re able to learn a new client’s business very quickly. We don’t waste time with a lot of process—we jump in with both feet and get to work, learning the language of your brand and working with you to communicate it more effectively with your target market. We help you define your brand so that the message we share really works. And we carefully choose how and where we tell your story.

Our clients get big agency resources with boutique agency service and style. When we’ve had the luxury to work with big brands that had big budgets, they have all been pleasantly surprised to hear that my assessment on day one matches the results they find after months (and thousands of dollars’ worth) of consumer analysis.

We’re smart, efficient, scrappy and have a lot of fun. Check out the Website and give us a call—we still answer the phone.