Yeisie Marie Mateo has been working in the field of child protective services for more than a decade. Children’s welfare throughout the world interests her and her family the most. She was first initiated to such kinds of mission at the young age of 18 and has been passionate with regard to third-world country issues ever since, most especially with children.

Recently, Yeisie Marie Mateo had the chance to work in two orphanages in Ghana, Africa where almost 450 orphans are being given attention and care. Many of the children were left in outhouses without much optimism to live. Worst, a lot of children were found wandering in markets and the streets without food for days. Though they have increased the quality of life for children by supplying them two meals daily and clean water, the existing orphanage still lack appropriate safety measures and space to accommodate the children. The majority of the children sleep on mats in overcrowded rooms without any ventilation.

Because of this, Yeisie Marie Mateo is launching an Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign called Tile for a Child. With the help of willing people, the mission of the campaign is to build a new orphanage in a more secured location and serve more children in Ghana. The land has been bought and its foundation has been already built. However, the campaign still needs at least $25,000 in order to finish the three-story building. The new orphanage can comfortably accommodate more than 550 orphans and functioning, clean bathrooms will be built. In addition, children will now be able to comfortably sleep on mattresses; the majority of the children will sleep on mattresses for the first time in their lives. On top of this, orphans will be able to receive medical attention and education they majorly need. The donations will directly go to the building efforts of the new orphanage. People who will donate are guaranteed that every cent they will donate will be utilized for building a clean, comfortable, new home for these orphans in Ghana, Africa.


All donations to the Tile for a Child campaign will be used to help the children have a comfortable, secure, clean, new home. Any person interested in helping these deserving children can donate to this campaign and make it a complete success, please visit http://bit.ly/tileforachild to donate and more information.