“A Cry From The Heart” is what I need to share with all of you who care about the future. Wake up! Fukushima is only the tip of the iceberg.

This is the chronicle of an ensuing manmade disaster. A disaster that was mercifully not the absolute catastrophe it could have been. A disaster unfolding over the decades. Chapter one: Chernobyl. Chapter two: Fukushima. Chapter three: Please select from a list of more than four hundred nuclear power plants. There is one near you, you may be sure…

It’s been more than 30 years since I came to Japan and settled down in Yotsukura, a sleepy little village of recently laid-up fishermen twenty miles from the terminally ruined Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.

Life changed dramatically on and after March 11, 2011. We were spared in many ways: the earthquake did not break us, the tsunami stopped short of our street, and the triple meltdown of the ruined Dai-ichi nuclear power plant 20 miles north of here miraculously came to a halt somewhere below the crippled plant.

Life changed all the more as it went on as if nothing had happened. This, the second catastrophe, is the real one, I now think.

Not to go mad I began to write down what I saw and to understand about this mess. What my wife of thirty years and I had to go through, just like countless fellow humans here. I’ll try to tell the sad story of defeat as it unfolds in one man’s, one family’s struggle. I tell it to honor those who suffer in silence. The old. The children. The uninformed. The victims.

Life is precious. It is fragile. We have to treasure it if we want to survive.