Yoga Reflections is a small yoga, fitness and wellness studio in Mattawan, Michigan.  Yoga Reflections specializes in providing quality instruction in a friendly, comfortable and welcoming studio.  Yoga Reflections has experienced, certified and trained instructors in Yoga, Stott Pilates and Booty Barre.  The owner, Joy Kakabeeke, is a certified yoga instructor and wellness coach.  Joy specializes in helping people to lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle and make wellness a lifelong commitment.  Group classes, private sessions and corporate Yoga, Pilates and Booty Barre are available.  
Yoga Reflections was established in 2010 by owner, Joy Kakabeeke.  Kakabeeke began her Yoga practice in 2005 with somewhat mixed feelings!  Even though she wasn't sure she  actually liked Yoga, she continued learning and practicing, noticing the benefits almost immediately.  Joy suffers from allergies, fibromyalgia and food sensitivities and she has found that her healthy lifestyle along  with Yoga has made an enormous impact in how strong and healthy she feels.  Joy opened up her studio in Mattawan to share her expertise with others in hopes of creating a community that is more holistic and natural in their wellness approach.