Welcome to Yogautou --- your one-stop shop for large amount commercial financing in greater
Los Angeles area. As the economy remains tough, the heyday of commercial financing is already
over. Commercial financing from banks nowadays still suffers high rate of denial despite the
required prolonged application time and tons of extensive documentation as well as associated
wasted hassle and application expenses, not to mention restrictive financing terms may still
be not attractive even if one is lucky enough to get the application approved.

No matter how attractive the rates or terms are touted by the bank, if a normal business cannot
get the needed financing in reasonable time frame with reasonable effort, all the apparent
benefits or convenience go down to drain, leaving business in financial needs in even more
desperate situations. Therefore, the business communities in greater Los Angeles is currently
grossly underserved by traditional banking and financing communities. Yogautou therefore is
created to fulfill the diverse financing needs of the underserved business communities in greater
Los Angeles area.

Through our hundreds of commercial lenders in our extensive networks, Yogautou is able to shop
around for you and provide you commercial financing services in the following areas:
Commercial Real Estate Purchases
Commercial Real Estate Refinances
Business Only Loans
Equipment Financing (Leasing)
Receivables Financing (Factoring)
Hard Money Loans
Equity Partner participation
Oil Tankers / Barges / Marinas
Theme Parks / Horse Ranches / Shooting Ranges / Golf Courses
Bowling Alleys / Movie Theatres / Gas Stations / Storage Facilities
Bars / Night Clubs / Restaurants / Hotels / Motels
Multi-Family / Mixed-Use / Liquor Stores / Party Shops

When the time is tough, the tough get going, providing prompt financing is available. At the time
when it is difficult or too time-consuming to get commercial financing from large banks, Yogautou
may be your only viable solution. We don't have fancy words to describe our services, because our
unique quality services can speak for themselves. Our business model is counting on our good
reputation, satisfactory clients' referral, and recurring business from existing clients. And we
are here to stay to continue serving greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Therefore, if you have
the need for large amount commercial financing, you are encouraged to try out our services. You
surely won't be disappointed.