About Yogen Früz®
Yogen Früz®, a Canadian-based frozen yogurt chain, is the global leader in the healthy frozen snack category. The Yogen Früz® platform consists of over 1,400 locations in more than 55 countries around the world. The innovative frozen yogurt chain pioneered the frozen treat and snack business when it opened its first store in Toronto in 1986.  Today, Yogen Früz® is more than just frozen yogurt - it's all about ü! Yogen Früz® focuses on living healthy, loving yourself and enjoying life! Yogen Früz® serves an assortment of proprietary probiotic frozen yogurt made with hormone-free milk, as well as smoothies and teas collections.  For more information, visit www.yogenfrüz.com or on facebook and instragram @yogenfrüz.