Yogic Heritage makes relentless efforts for preserving the heritage of yoga and to divulge the real potential of what the tradition has bestowed upon us. Our aim is to restore order in life through bona fide and systemized yoga practices by retaining its pure form. With experience and expertise in all types of yoga, the Yoga Acharyas of Yogic Heritage consider teaching yoga; their life’s mission. We offer the finest teacher training programs, special certification courses and conducts retreats and camps throughout the year. The annual celebration of Yogic Heritage – International Festival of Yogic Heritage, is a prodigious gathering of all limbs and lineages in the heritage of yoga. Yogic Heritage believes that Yoga has open arms and it welcomes all. Our doors are open to everyone, devoid of their age, race, religion and region.We are proud of the heritage of Yoga, and we believe, that it should benefit all. Our aim is to connect and unite this world under the umbrella of yoga, thus protecting it from the hazards of modernity and providing it the much-needed energy to celebrate and enjoy the gift of life. We honour and acknowledge the entire community which embodies Yoga Acharyas, Teachers, Yoga schools and every Yoga enthusiast. With heartfelt gratitude to the forefathers who handed over the light of yoga to the current generation, we consider preserving the spirit of Yoga our mission. We believe that, for those who are wounded by the civilization, yoga is the best salvation. Our vision is a vibrant and buoyant community of all races, shielded and yoked by the heritage of yoga. We are optimistic that Yogic Heritage will act as the torchbearer obliged to pass on the light of yoga, safely to the generations to come.