Yolato sells wholesale its proprietary frozen yogurt desserts to consumers via food service management companies, universities, cafes and grocery stores.  Its product line consists of unparalleled novelty frozen yogurt gelato bars and unique soft serve frozen yogurt.

Yolato's novelty frozen yogurt gelato bar is a truly unique frozen dessert.  It is not only low in calories (80) but an all-natural, rbst free, fat free, cholesterol free and kosher frozen dessert.  Yolato combines its frozen yogurt and its gelato to provide the consumer with guilt free satisfaction in every serving.

Yolato is at the forefront with its business model which provides healthy, local, sustainable products to support local economies. By combining local dairy inputs (fat free milk & fat free plain yogurt), our customers enjoy a unique, healthy, and local frozen dessert.  It also provides support for local dairy farmers, local economic support and reduces our carbon footprint.