Yolpme is an online recruitment platform for employers to crowd source referrals, via targeted social media channels to obtain the best talent for their company. Yoplme is faster, cheaper and more powerful than traditional recruitment methods.

Yolpme uses cash incentives to merge the power of peer-to-peer referral with the speed, efficiency and reach of social networks.

Yolpme for everyday users
Yolpme allows everyday users to earn cash rewards through the successful introduction of their friends to jobs posted by participating employers.

Yolpme for employers
Yolpme is a referral-based platform for jobs, allowing employers to crowd source, via paid referrals, for the best talent for their company.

Yolpme's mission is to change forever the way employers locate their talent, by incentivising everyday people to use the power of their personal relationships and networks, to connect the people they know with real job opportunities

Yolpme was co-founded in Australia by Patrick Gallagher, Mike Costin, Meng Zhao and Roland Irwin in 2012.