Yoossup is the bridge that builds a way from being “strangers” to becoming “friends”. If we want to search someone and connect then we need info like name or email id. But now for the first time ever an application at your doorstep which needs no input or info about the person you want to connect with and yet you can connect to them easily. All you need, is to follow simple steps on Yoossup app.

Step 1: See a person on road, movies, etc.
Step 2: Do YO!* to the person(future friend).
Step 3: you and your future friend enter details on Yoossup app.
Step 4: you find your future friend in search result.
Step 5: Yo! your friendship beings....

*We are not responsible for promotion or use of any kind of signs or signals & circumstances following the same. for more details please refer out terms and conditions on website