you2choose.com was launched in 2009 and is the UK’s first online Social Care and Support Services Directory aimed at Individual Budget Holders (under the Government’s scheme of Personalisation), Self Funders, Brokers and Advocates so that they can search, reserve, book and pay for the goods and services they want from Service Suppliers (care homes, nursing agencies, home care agencies etc) 24/ 7 in real time over the internet.

You are in safe hands! It is great to know that you’re in safe hands, as the team behind you2choose.com has over 25 years combined experience within the Social Care arena. We are one of the UKs leading software development companies, specialising in web based Workforce Management Software solutions to the UK Healthcare Market.

We are a fully certified Microsoft Partner and based in Peterborough, central to most of the UK.

Traditionally in the UK, those eligible to receive social care had a package of care organised on their behalf. This system has now changed to a new programme of Self Directed Support (Personalisation), whereby the Service User and their advocates will be in charge of selecting the provider of their social care needs.

Through a Personal Budget they will be able to choose what services they receive and how those services should be delivered. As a consequence Service Suppliers across the UK must look at how they market their businesses, to ensure they keep existing clients as well as generating new business, no matter whether they receive financial support or they are self funded.

What is you2choose.com?
you2choose.com enables Individual Budget (IB) holders, self funders, brokers and advocates to search,
reserve, book and pay for the goods and services they want from Local Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Service Suppliers, Charities and Business, 24/7 in real time over the internet.

you2choose.com is the only community based online search directory, which can help IB holders, self funders, brokers and advocates achieve and manage 2 of their core outcomes:
•     To book and reserve all the available online services, from Service Suppliers in the local area from the online directory;
•     To browse and source online, all the products they want to buy from online shops.

Reserve and book for services online:
Service Suppliers including Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts (PCT’s) can advertise their resource availability online, and add a booking option, with an enhanced listing. This allows service users to easily search for and book a specific appointment with any supplier.

you2choose’s online booking service is ideal for suppliers such as:
•     Fitness classes (eg: Yoga, Pilates)
•     Horse riding lessons
•     Physiotherapy sessions
•     Computer lessons
•     Taxi services
•     Opticians’ checkups