It's pretty tricky to find the right person to fill open jobs in the company. That's what motivated us to create a new online site - YouAreHR.com - to help small and mid-sized businesses identify, review, interview, and hire people to fill open job slots.

Our service handles job applications intake with pre-screening, applicant triaging, scheduling of phone screens and face-to-face interviews, and keeps all related communications in one place.

We offer 3 service packages and an on-premises option. It's extremely easy for a company to get started: we don't require any lengthy sales calls to signup, and offer a step-by-step process for a company to onboard our service.

Service plans that we offer are very straightforward and month-to-month, without long-term commitments. We even keep company's data if they'd like to pause after hiring and then return later, to hire more people.