Launched in March 2013, YouCanvas™ was set up by a group of professionals who were unhappy with the quality produced by similar companies and saw the need for a more premium service run by a dedicated team. Their deep and passionate understanding of digital imagery and the know-how of what it takes to make beautiful prints ensure that each customer ends up with a unrivalled quality canvas print.
YouCanvas™ uses it’s own propitiatory and advanced algorithms to determine the quality of any photo uploaded during product creation. Their industry leading website only shows its customers sizes that are compatible with their image quality - ensuring its products are guaranteed pixellation free.

The website is also mobile device-friendly – allowing users to order prints using the images stored on their mobile phone or tablet. Users can also upload imagery easily from their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

"We had heard so many incidents of consumers ordering prints from other vendors only to receive heavily pixelated, chopped and poor quality prints."

"Our team spent more than a year obsessing over various manufacturing methods, combining different materials and processes in order to create the highest quality canvas prints."

"With our automatic photo quality detection software, our customers can quickly create high quality canvas art from their photos with ease and simplicity – pixelated imagery and poor print quality are now a thing of the past."

All YouCanvas™ products are printed on premium quality, heavyweight, museum archival grade canvas, suitable for fine art and photography reproduction and allowing for incredible detail and vibrant colours.

Each canvas is hand treated with an award winning Fine Arts Trades Guild varnish to ensure strong UV protection, colour enhancement and depth. This also prevents scuffing, abrasion or image fading.

With product pricing more important than ever before, YouCanvas™ are offering its premium canvas prints starting at only £8 including Free next day delivery! - premium printing has never been more affordable.

"Our audience is quite varied, from parents or partners wanting to print canvas art of their children and loved ones, to those looking for a unique gift, to hobbyist photographers and graphic artists. We’d like to eventually be the world leaders in the customised print market, allowing anyone to easily order our premium canvas prints."

Discover more at http://www.youcanvas.co.uk.

For more information contact: info(at)youcanvas(dot)co(dot)uk