YOUNG EARTH SANCTUARY RESOURCES ("YES") was founded by a group of nature-loving individuals who share the common belief that the best products are those derived in a natural and sustainable way.

Our name is a display of our love for Mother Nature and Earth and our duty to sustain it as a sanctuary.

Thus, we source natural Food and Health Products starting from one of the most pristine sanctuaries in the world: the island State of Tasmania, Australia.

In this modern world of over-refinement, it is increasingly difficult to find pure and natural products.

With the threat of global climate changes, more has to be done for farmers to support them in using natural means of production rather than chemical means to increase supply.  At YES, we ensure that our partners do not use genetically modified produces or harmful chemicals in their production process.

Our partners share our vision and are motivated to maintain traditional means of production that has the least impact on the environment, and produce the most natural form of consumables for our customers.