We are a makerspace for kids, offering workshops in a variety of 21st century creative tools and skills. Computer programming, electronics, video game creation, video production, and stop motion animation are all made available and accessible to your kids by our experienced staff and amazing technology.

With over 45 years of experience as educators between them, YML’s owners Mark and Kris know that you don’t need textbooks and worksheets to learn, and that some of the most powerful learning takes place when kids mix creativity and technology to learn and build. At YML, kids will write computer programs, design works of art that are printed out in 3D, build robots, tinker with machines and electronics, and create all manner of amazing things that we haven’t imagined yet.

Through the process of making, math and science are practiced and learned, instructions and reflective blog posts are written, and all sorts of problems are discovered and solved. Along with the strengthening of math, science, and communication skills, kids develop their problem solving skills and build the kind of confidence that only comes with building challenging and amazing things.