NORTH CAROLINA - Young Parent Institute and Watson Educational Services conduct seminars on teenage pregnancy.  Our goal is to help reduce teenage pregnancies.  From July 6 through August  15, 2009 we will be conducting a pilot program entitled, “Reduce Repeat Pregnancy”.  Workbooks are provided for this program. This program is endorsed by Senator Kinnaird.  


In many cities and counties, repeat pregnancies are as high as 42% among teenage parents.  The goal of this pilot program is to reduce repeat pregnancies by 33% percent.   During the summer months teenage parents will not have the exposure to many of the programs that are provided throughout the school year.  This program will keep teenage mothers, teenage mother to be, teenage fathers and teenage fathers to be engaged and in tune to parenting and pregnancy issues.  These students will develop self management and self organizational skills. 


Furthermore, the program will be conducted using the book, “A Guide For Teenage Parents”, written by Theresa Watson.  Chapter by chapter lessons from this book which will be made available online Tuesdays and Fridays of each week.  Each session will run 15 to 30 minutes in length and there will be assignments after each chapter.   Students must complete and turn in assignments (by email, fax or snail mail) in order for their names to be entered in for prize drawings.  The top prize is a laptop and there will be other prizes.


Applications for this program can be obtained by visiting the website www.YoungParentInstitute.Org and materials for the program can be obtain by visiting