About Us

We’ve created a new way to open up access to the music industry: quick and easy. Now it’s possible to co-produce a future hit, having a Younk music label crowdfunding platform as a start of your career — whether you’re a musician with a potential chart-topper or a music lover, who wants to discover new gems and support independent artists. Younk is redefining the idea of community in the world of music, by creating an enormous potential benefit for both music-makers and fans!

Our Story: The way music has traditionally been discovered, created, promoted, distributed, and made successful has involved a lot of infrastructures: talent scouts, booking agents, promoters, record producers, and A&R executives. Both of our founders are experienced with media and show business, so they knew how hard it is for young artists to reach billboard charts & attain recognition without the established music industry behind them, or for fans to have real access to a piece of undiscovered music. While traveling around the globe, our team felt the vibes of the cities with the street busker’ songs and independent musician’ events, who kept creating a special atmosphere and inspiration. The idea of Younk was in the air: to make the music industry more accessible and to give an equal chance to become successful for young talents around the world.

Our Name & Logo: This is how the name revealed — pronounced like “young”, but with “k”. The symbol used in place of the letter “k” is designed like a “rewind” button as if contemplating going back in time and changing anything you wanted or listening again and again to your favorite song.

Our Philosophy: Younk is aimed to change music lovers habits with its “Community Goals”. Our crowdfunding platform for musicians makes it easy for fans to discover a wide range of acts, as it was never possible before to co-produce future hits. Our label model is a sophisticated way to modernize and democratize music production. The platform offers creative control for artists using professional insights from experts, and inclusion for listeners, tailoring a product to their choices.

How does it work?
We provide artists with an opportunity to share their tracks directly with the community for free, and allow community to discover and fund their favorites.
Each week two tracks from the Top are available to be supported with YNK Bucks on the Hit Funding. It’s a crowdfunding for music, where listeners can easily co-produce hits.
When track reaches Soft Cap (a minimum amount needed) it goes to production and promotion stage. And this means track will be released soon!

Younk — Hit It!