We are a team of professionals with expertise in various marketing domains, we aim to create a reliable and result oriented experience. We strategize and curate solutions for all your digital, social media, search, analytics, advertising and content requirements.

What We do :

Brand Story Telling

A brand isn’t just about the product or service offered, it also stands for the recognizable thoughts and sentiments it evokes. A brand is nurtured with passion, persistence and values, and there has to be a direction to ensure that the target audience perceives the brand with the same vision.

There is a thin line between under and over communicating the brand journey. This is where expertise of a professional Marketer comes in.

We, at Your Beanstalk understand this and help you create and carry forward the right brand image that successfully crosses over from good to great.

Online Advertising

A small investment in Online Advertising, if done on the right Media in the right way can generate handsome returns for a business. Whether you are a start-up or an established business the ROI on the Ad spends is a key metric that every product or service needs to be cognizant of.  

We firmly believe in the concept of Kaizen, which is a Japanese life principal meaning Small persistent Changes in each task of a process leads ultimately to massive results.  And we do apply this on the Online advertising for our clients too. Optimizing campaigns by thoroughly looking at the response to the multiple Ads, Doing AB experiments before deploying larger spends and tweaking the budgets between various mediums to do a comparative analysis and decide accordingly.

Influencer Marketing

One major factor that sets influencer marketing apart from any other form of marketing is the human connect. Social media influencers are essentially creators specializing in a certain subject. They make entertaining content, drive engagement and are considered to be trendsetters, which ensures that they have an extremely loyal and receptive fanbase. Collaborations with the correct set of influencers helps in tapping into fresh customer base who have displayed keen interest in the kind of products and services offered and help in creating positive perception around the brand.

Our influencer marketing campaigns aim at matching your product with suitable and desired set of influencers and arranging product shout- outs, brand specific content creation, product reviews to increase follower base, views, engagement and ROI.

Social Media Management

In recent times, Social media has opened up new avenues for brands to reach and engage with their potential and existing customers. As per multiple researches, social media ranks high in discoverability of products as well as  in generating brand loyalty.

Social Media not only provides platforms to showcase product offerings, but also presents unique opportunities for engaging with customers, building a community and creating conversations.

Social media management cannot be left to chance and needs a solid strategy and execution team. We at Your Beanstalk create relevant, engaging and shareable content in sync with latest trends and platform features, that helps in building reach, brand visibility and recall value.

Digital Marketing Consultation

In today's world, having a digital presence with assets across platforms is imperative. Websites, Apps, Social Media Handles, Blogs - the choice of assets is wide and requires thought and strategy, before you invest time and money in creating them. Just like when all the notes played in perfect harmony create music, the right strategy when executed in a timely and consistent manner helps businesses create Brand identity, its recall and reach amongst target audience and ultimately loyalty. Your beanstalk team with years of experience in successfully building and running brands help you in doing just that.

Search Engine optimization

There are close to 63000 searches done on Google every Second. With such high volumes of searches happening, how do you ensure that when someone is searching for services or products that your business provides, you are able to at least be visible to him if not more.

Search Engine optimization means doing that organically.  It is some bit a science and some an art. Science because there is a method to getting better at it, if done rightly and using analytics and art as it involves creativity in creating the relevant content without appearing too direct and out of place. Your beanstalk with its SEO experts based on the experience drawn through doing this for multiple businesses understands the best practices that yield serious results.