Your Dog On A Walk was created by Deborah Hayes to provide busy and vacationing pet parents the perfect solution for ensuring their treasured companions are cared for, stimulated and happy when they can’t. The web site is a mix of informative articles, pet tips and sources for all your  pet’s needs as well as a menu of their services.

Your pet is special and so are his or her needs.Visits are customized to accommodate your wishes and your pets needs. Initial meetings are free and designed for everyone to get to know each other. It’s Deborah's opportunity to discover your special friend’s likes and dislikes and any additional needs he or she might have. If everyone agrees its a great fit , it is at this time  the perfect personal experience is created for the visits.

All visits include feeding if needed, treats if allowed, fresh water, walking, playing, poop scoop, litter box cleanup and plenty of scratches in the favorite spot! She knows how important your pet’s are to you and her goal is to ensure  each visit is as much like normal and rewarding for your pet as possible.

Services offered include pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping, litter box cleanup and overnight stays. All overnight stays include complimentary mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering and more.

When you need assistance for your treasured companion call Your Dog On A Walk for a free consultation. Fueled by word of mouth, it is quietly becoming the go to source for attentive, insured reliable pet care and information.

Currently serving Loomis, Rocklin, Granite Bay and parts of Roseville, Ca.