Welcome to Your Global Family Helpers. What we do here is to sell top-of-the-line products and services for online stores. Most all of our stores dominate their markets off-line and online. Their websites are safe, secure, and 24/7 operations. We want you to buy from us so that we earn the commissions from the sale.

Why should you buy from Your Global Family Helpers?

Competitive prices, quality products, and quality services to mention a few. If you buy from our web-stores on our websites, then the company sends us a check for selling their products and services and we make the money.

At the heart of Your Global Family Helpers:  We want to give back to the community and create cash for helping the middle-class. We want to create a cash fund for poor workers and laborers to earn livable wages for our job creation program. We want entrepreneurs to start businesses the YGFHelper's way. "A Trademark"

The middle-class has never been united in the history of the world before. With the Internet it's now possible to unite many of the middle class with online shopping. The middle class as a group has a huge buying power. The middle-class is already shopping at online stores but who gets the commissions?

At Your Global Family Helper’s stores we get the commissions from people shopping at our stores. You have nothing to lose by giving us your commissions, because if you’re already shop online, then you already pay them to someone as soon as you buy something.

At Your Global Family Helper’s stores we will use 50% of our commissions for our jobs creation program, or to give the 50% to the community need of your choice. If the 50% is not important to you, then please shop at our stores, so we get the commissions. If job creation, a united middle-class, and livable wages are important to you, then shopping at Your Global Family Helpers is a way to stretch a dollar a little further.

Our websites and concepts are new and a work in progress. We’re workers and laborers trying to make extra money in affiliate marketing like so many people. Our niche market is selling products and services that help job creation for the middle class. Our hope is by giving half of our revenue away, that we will be able to reach more customers and make more money in the long run.

Mission Statement

Your Global Family Helpers, founded in 2010 by the Tappan Family is a global community dedicated to the education of the world’s labor-classes with the use of advertising, trademark licenses, and selling products and services.

The idea is to unite and align the middle class by earning revenue from us all shopping at YGF web stores. Why not pay ourselves the commisions. For society’s sake our families should come first before profits.

Your Global Family Helpers is dedicated to organize the world’s labor force to increase its opportunities for a livable wage, and to make it universally connected, united, and strong for the well-being of the family. A place where customers can care about what is happening and wrong in the world in regards to the middle class and the working poor class.

Your Global Family Helpers is dedicated to the idea that a laborer’s family needs should come before profits and that a laborer should never be exploited for profits.

At Your Global Family Helpers we know that profits are important, but at the end of the work day, if the laborers did their fair share of work and have nothing to show for it, then what do the laborers tell their children about our society?

Your Global Family Helpers has created a global community in which integrated businesses and laborers is the shared responsibility of all members. To participate in the life of Your Global Family Helpers is to strive for quality products and services, to engage in basic laborer issues facing society, and especially the plight of the poor and powerless. Be our guest and sign our guestbook.

Your Global Family Helpers extends to all of its members and also to the greater community an invitation to join in the United Labor Opportunity Movement which is to:

Unite workers, laborers, and business owners together nationally into a whole constituent of essential components by joining into a harmonious agreement to act as one united business without the use of unions, management, or any other type of authority. To accomplish this goal:

Individual workers, laborers and business owners need only to be and to advertise in an honest, dependable, and hardworking way. Post a comment on our blogging page and tell us your laborer and worker class story to see if we can all help each other.


Frederick H. Tappan and the whole Tappan Family!