I really wish there was a more heartwarming origin story for Your Lore, but it was simply an idea I had that brought together two of my life goals. I wanted to challenge myself by writing meaningful stories and give other creative writers the opportunity to hone their craft without a publishing contract. At its heart, Your Lore is a digital storytelling company that allows you and your loved ones to be the main characters in custom tales that are delivered straight to your email inbox. I wanted to give people the freedom to choose their genre, story themes, characters, and length - and we would handle the rest. I dreamed of building a network of talented writers who would be paid to write engrossing narratives without a fancy book deal.  

I spent a lot of time thinking about it. I work as a professional copywriter for an e-commerce company, struggle with anxiety, and figured it was the best I was ever going to do for myself professionally. I was daunted by the fact that I have no tech background or website building experience, so I convinced myself it was a pipe dream. They say the best ideas are the ones that refuse to leave, though - and Your Lore was a persistent one. I’m ready now to launch a company that will eventually employ several skilled writers that will earn money doing what they love. Your Lore will revolutionize the world of books - no more having to picture yourself as a main character who is nothing like you, your story will truly star YOU.

I want this to be more than a simple website. Users will have private accounts where they can provide life updates that may directly impact their lore. Going through a sudden breakup and dreading the next chapter of your custom romance story? Choose a new genre and seamlessly transition your tale so that you’re an action star. Enjoying your reading experience so much you don’t want it to end? Re-subscribe and let the tale continue! Want a bound copy of your book so you can share your story with friends and family? We can send one to you! The goal is to provide true custom storytelling. No one else is getting your plot, your characters, your themes - it will be a one-of-a-kind story.

Jobs for Writers Everywhere

One of the biggest struggles for any writer (or anyone who wants to make a career by writing) is that you often have to sacrifice your love of fiction to write business language for companies to get by. Even some of the most talented authors don't receive a steady paycheck with what they write. With the right website, Your Lore could easily become one of the best avenues for writers to earn money by producing creative content. You would no longer have to give up your love of creative writing to make money, because you'd be being paid to outline, plan, and produce stories using information from clients. It's the ultimate win-win for everyone.