Former child entertainer, Shayne McGrath (John Early) of “Wow Mom” fame, hits rock bottom when his unsavory behavior can’t even land him in the tabloids. With his shaky reputation on the line, Shayne’s clingy manager, Kat Jacobs (Jill Pangallo), hatches a plan to repair his image and kick-start his comeback as a self-help guru with a feel-good PR video. In an effort to generate believable content for the video, Shayne’s manager arranges for seven of his few remaining fans to join him on a weekend trip to the country with promises of an unforgettable, inspirational, life- changing experience.

YOUR MAIN THING was created by Jill Pangallo, who also directs and acts in the series. YMT features a cast of talented actors from the NYC downtown comedy, theater and cabaret scenes who are known for their top-notch improvisational skills. DP Seth Kirby and PC Nica Ross, both of whom have extensive expertise creating fresh visual approaches to a wide range of multimedia projects, lead the production team. Some of what makes YOUR MAIN THING unique is that the cast greatly contributed to the show’s writing in the form of their own individual character development and on-screen improvisation. The actors were solely responsible for their character’s back-story and wardrobe. Other than knowing they were being taken on a weekend retreat with a former celebrity, the actors were not given any information ahead of time so that the relationships and storyline developed in real-time. YOUR MAIN THING was shot in three days, on location in the Pocono Mountain Region.