While I do not claim to be a "fully enlightened being", I have been blessed with many teachers and I have found a clear sense of purpose and vision after half a lifetime of fear, frustration, anger, addiction, and self-sabotage. My teachers have taken many forms: Local mentors, great books, Native American/Lakota teachers, the calm and heat of the desert, sound healers, meditative practice, conferences/seminars and the basic joys and challenges of life.

Some of the most cathartic realizations/changes I have experienced have come in the silence of meditation. While some might call the clarity felt in these moments as “channeling”, it is my sense that the words and feelings that have come to me do not necessarily have an external source: my truth is that the deepest wisdom comes from within us. We simply are challenged to recognize this source and trust its high value.

Having spent so much of the earlier times in my life in what some might call a living hell, my inspiration is to offer ideas and encouragement to others who intend to have a life of more presence, calm, trust and love. I believe that all this is possible, particularly when one builds a sense of value for the wisdom that is within.