As a Life's Abundance Distributor, we offer food, treats, supplements and spa products that are veterinarian-formulated to help your pet achieve optimum health. A “fast-cook” process cooks the food at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional value of each wholesome ingredient. A big difference between Life's Abundance and other pet food is quality control. Strict inventory controls ensure the quality and safety of our foods. No bag sits around a warehouse for weeks and weeks. When ordered, it comes directly to your home within 3-4 days.
If you are someone who spends at least $50/month on pet products, you might want to consider a home business opportunity.  There is no inventory to keep, no bookkeeping, no shipping details.  Just keep recommending our products, and earn extra income!

Your Pets Forever is devoted to letting grieving pet owners know they are not alone. Our pets become best friends and faithful companions. Losing one of these beloved pets can be as painful as losing a family member, and we may find it comforting and necessary to grieve their loss. With a personalized memory box, an outside garden stone or inside tribute stone, or an ornament, we can remember their sweet face and unconditional loyalty.