Your Rich Retirement Academy integrates Hilary’s lessons presented in her TEDx talk, “The Surprising Power of Language to Make You Rich”, on the decisive power of language and beliefs in your financial life.

This program provides access to financial peace of mind.
You will identify your Money Operating System™ – how you understand money and what role it plays in your life. Is there always enough or never enough? Are you constantly worried about money matters and the future?

This program puts you in charge of your financial destiny–helping you save what you need to live the life you love.
Once you have identified your own Money Operating System™, this course will teach you hands-on and practical strategies to manage and systematize your own financial success.

This program offers access to expertise.
You’ll have access to a discussion board, where Hilary will moderate conversations and encourage interaction to help everyone go deeper with the material. There will be additional content, at no extra cost, from other financial experts, including an easy-to-understand Investments 101 to help students understand what 90 years of academic evidence tells us about how to interact with the stock market.

You’ll gain clarity like never before and build momentum around your financial life. You’ll finally be free from all of the frustration and disempowering conversations that plague you.

You’ll experience being collaborative with your partner – having conversations that leave both of you satisfied and in action – creating the life of your dreams. You’ll be free, finally.

Imagine living life…richly!

But first…

Once upon a time you were fresh and inspired and getting started in life. You always imagined yourself ending up with enough money to be happy (and maybe a little bit more than that).

It was in the plan. The vague plan. The plan you never wrote down.

You just thought that thought—that every little thing was gonna be alright.

Maybe you even sang the song when you heard it on the radio.

You started earning money, you saved a little in a 401(k) somewhere, invested it through the basic recommendations that came with getting the account and thought, “I’ve done good!”

Maybe you got yourself into a little credit card debt or a lot of it.

Maybe you took out some student loans somewhere along the way, but you didn’t let it phase you.

Maybe you started a business.

Mostly, though, you tried to enjoy your life. And always, in the back of your mind, you were going to be financially successful. And one day you did a little math in your head and had the painful realization that you might be a little bit behind.

Maybe a lot behind.

Suddenly, the world looks different than it did before.

You want a bigger home, you want to be able to raise babies without forgoing everything adults find fun, you want to pay for college (because it’s the right thing to do) and you know you need to retire someday…

…just UGH.

You don’t know which bucket to save in first, and when you finally feel like you’ve made a decision, you can’t seem to get your partner to agree. In fact, some days, you two can’t even agree on how to spend, let alone save and invest.

Some days it seems hopeless. You don’t always let it bother you. You try not to think about it. But if you’re honest with yourself, you’re a little bit concerned. And probably, when you’re really honest, scared.

You don’t want to be frustrated, confused, stuck, but you are.


And I created this course for you…

I transformed my own financial life and I can help you transform yours.

I was the kind of person who had high income, high hopes, and even higher expenses. I got myself into (and out of) mountains of debt several times. I drove myself to financial ruin, all the while having the best intentions in the world. Until I finally decided I’d had enough.

Have you had enough?


So here’s how we’re going to turn it around:

First, we have to address the subconscious reasons you’ve gotten to where you are. Ever wondered why money always seems to go the same way for you? Why it seems like you’re stuck in a rut and keep falling in the same old traps?

I call that your Money Operating System™.

So, together, we’re going to figure out where that programming came from. And it can’t be done in a day.

You’re transforming your thinking about money. You’re going all the way back to where it began.

Together, we’ll question all the assumptions and break down all of the psychological barriers you’ve built up over time. Turns out you’re perfectly capable of having untold wealth.

And by wealth, I mean well-being. Money, health, love, freedom, and joy. That’s what I call a rich life.

Your Rich Retirement Academy offers a total transformation--a money makeover--a do over.