Yours Now, LLC helps local business owners let the general public know what they sell and gives the public an extra incentive to shop locally.  

Yours Now, LLC gives free gift certificates to the general public via the website www.FreeYoursNow.com.  Not only do they not charge for the gift certificates, they also pay people $5 to use the gift certificates from local companies.  Yours Now pays communities to shop local.  

Every business needs to let the public know who they are, what they sell, where they are and give people a reason to patronize them.   There are a million ways for a business owner to advertise including direct mail, a website, magazines, TV, radio and the list is never ending.  Many companies have the luxury of having  large advertising budgets to do this.  However, most local business owners are lucky if they can spend
$100 - $500 a month on advertising.  Many risk the financial health of their business trying to get more clients.

That’s why Yours Now, LLC offers “Only pay for results” advertising.  The program is similar to hiring a 100% commission based sales staff.   When one of the Yours Now systems generates a person looking to buy from one of the listed businesses, they charge the business a flat fee of $20.  The consumer does not pay a dime for the gift certificate, they actually get paid once they redeem the certificate.  For those businesses that don’t want to pay per client also offers a program that is only $39 a month.  

“Being an owner of a small, yet successful interior design business, I had a great need to be very frugal and smart about my advertising dollars,” said Heather Grieb, owner of Yours Now.  “I knew many other business owners in the same situation.  Both myself and my business partner, Emmie Dexter, created a  system to help local business owners get their message to the public that wasn’t as risky as traditional advertising.”  Yours Now started in Green Bay and Appleton, WI less than a year ago and already has over 500 companies listed.  Right now participating businesses are getting 120,000+ impressions weekly.  

“People are realizing the value of shopping locally” said Grieb. “They also appreciate getting the best value.  We just put the two together in a manner that is beneficial to the business owner as well as the consumer.”