Auction Pro Templates Announces Launch of Premium DIY eBay Template Providing a Proven Way to Help eBay Stores Do More

There's no doubt that eBay is a highly competitive environment, where even small details make huge differences when it comes to running an eBay store.  One area that experts consider vitally important is the choice of layouts a seller uses for their store front.  Amateur layouts can send the message that a seller isn't worth taking seriously.  A professional presentation automatically garners respect.  No one understands this more than Auction Pro Templates, a company who has made it their business to provide remarkably effective, affordable templates for eBay stores.  Recently, the company announced the launch of their new “Premium DIY eBay Template”, a design that covers every area a seller could require in a way that's designed to convert sales and produce results.

“Sometimes building your character depends on how you help others build theirs,” commented Ron LaBeau, from Auction Pro Templates.  Co-founder Ali Young said, “Our new template is all about helping users see their store do its best.  There's no reason why only companies with big budgets should have refined looks on eBay.  We're opening the door up for small and medium sized sellers to look just as professional to even the playing field.  It's your store...  doing more!”

Ron LaBeau and his partner in Auction Pro Templates Ali Young, are certainly authorities in the area of what works and what doesn't on the massively popular auction site.  Many people are familiar with the winning advice their guests provide on their #1 iTunes podcast show, “So You Wanna Sell On eBay”, which Ron and Ali host once a week, interviewing successful eBay sellers and entrepreneurs.  

According to the company, the “Premium DIY eBay Template”, offers remarkable benefits for users who would like to quickly and simply upgrade their storefront's presence.  The template is completely customizable allowing users to add their own banners and graphics, and to pick their own eBay categories, store pages and search bar.  It features a number of sliders to help with sales, like the “related products” slider, the “new arrival” slider and the “ending soon” auction slider.  

Importantly, in addition to the store template, the package comes complete with a product listing template as well, also packed with features to help separate you from the eBay crowd.

To help make sure users are able to get the maximum value out of their new premium template and are able to set up their eBay storefronts quickly and easily Ron and Ali offer customers free access to a set of 17 video tutorials that walk users through the entire process step-by-step.  Even users with next to no experience online at all have been able to follow the simple tutorials and have their “Premium DIY eBay Template” looking and functioning wonderfully in no time at all.

Customers are singing the praise of the product as a powerful way to improve eBay results, with just a small investment.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “Auction Pro Templates have really helped me turn around my eBay performance. I was doing good, but now I'm doing absolutely great, without having to learn any complicated skills, Photoshop or anything similar.  The price is more than right, the Premium DIY eBay Template is easily worth four or five times as much.  Five stars and fully recommended.”

All sales come backed with their “You Can Do It” guarantee.  If you get stuck, we’re there to help you get moving again. You will receive enthusiastic customer support from Auction Pro Templates.

For more information be sure to visit http://www.yourstoredoingmore.com.