YOUR TRADE ROOM (Independent Distributor of YTR Pty Ltd)

We seek to educate individual investors on creating a self sustained trading style that is rules based and time tested.  The model of “seeing is believing” is why we offer you to watch in real time our top traders execute trades with no filters.  We show you the good, the bad and the ugly so you can get on the path of becoming a successful full time (or part time) trader.


We offer our clients ongoing access to the world’s best professional traders. This happens in our global, web based, 24/5 Trading Rooms. Our professional traders educate, coach and mentor our clients while communicating live market commentary and reliable, real time, high profit trade opportunities for our member clients to trade with confidence and the lowest possible risk.  Our valued clients never have to trade alone.


Our aim is to be the best. We have invested millions of dollars and will continue to invest in active research and development. This will ensure we attract the best professional traders globally, and the continued success and ongoing refinement of our financial trading education programs, client services, strategies and delivery.


Our vision is bold. We intend to enrich people’s lives through the opportunity to gain financial freedom. They will do this by trading global financial markets fully supported by world leading education and training programs enhanced by professional trading coaches who lead by example.


Our purpose is to develop and foster a global network of highly committed professionals through the medium of the world’s best financial training, education and trading company


Our mission is as bold and as large as our vision: To provide individuals with the key to financial freedom thereby empowering them to control and enhance their quality of life and that of their loved ones.