Halong is just a pure art and a precious collection of unfinished masterpiece bestowed from the hands of nature; therefore be well prepared to be taken away from the cosmopolitan crowded streets of Hanoi and take part in Halong bay tours to eye-witness a serene, magnificent landscape in a unique way as well as to cruise on the bay World Heritage, the fairy land in Vietnam.

The bay sits off Vietnam’s northeastern coast, and has incredibly serene emerald waters that are home to multiple small limestone islands covered by rain forests. It’s a popular spot for boat tours and cave explorers, and no trip to Vietnam would be complete without seeing it.

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site for its biodiversity, geology and nature, Halong Bay’s beauty and charm make it an outstanding tourism destination. The landscape of Halong is attractive in each season. Being famous with a long history rock formations and transformations, Halong Bay is covered with thousands of pristine limestone islands and islets, bearing breathtaking attractiveness when getting approached by board. It is an ideal destination for outdoor activity of kayaking in Halong Bay to truly touch the limestone mountains on the water.


There is a wide range of cruises for tourists to choose from, however no matter how much the