Youth for Finance is an organization that has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, CBS News, and is well known for creating the next generation of leaders in finance. They help teens kickstart their careers in finance by allowing them to start a finance club chapter at their school.

It is known that about 95% of employers don’t take young candidates seriously even when they have the qualifications required. YFF can help young candidates work on projects, learn how to use tools found in many companies, build their network, and experience the fast-paced environment required for growth.

You can become a leader and improve your finance knowledge by starting a YFF chapter at your school. By starting a chapter, you effectively build your resume and position yourself as a great candidate for colleges. Best of all? you get to teach people finance while doing so. You can confidently lead your chapter with over 30 readily-accessible weeks of finance curriculum, worksheets, games, competitions, and more.