The Youth of Honor Foundation was established in 2006 after continued concern of the number of youth going through the United States juvenile justice system.  With over 85% of the youths who serve time being released back into society, the Youth of Honor Foundation team saw that a positive, long-term impact could be made by proactively educating these youth that they are of value and can achieve any goals they have for themselves.  It is our belief that every child has potential and when focused in a positive manner, that potential can assist them and others in reaching their dreams.

The Youth of Honor Foundation will intervene in the lives of troubled youth through motivational seminars on living life the right way.  We will bring in real-life stories of people who have overcome obstacles in life to succeed and now live a life that no one had ever thought they could.  Through our 10-Step Program, youth will work through curriculum that teaches them and allows them to make personal statements of commitment to themselves to use each day as a building block for success.  As youth complete the program they will receive a certificate of achievement that they can proudly display so others can see their commitment to themselves, their family and their community.

The success we achieve will be measured by the youths we serve and assist.  The life of every child is valuable. Children need guidance which, in turn, serves as the fertilizer for growth.  The fertilizer required can not reach into the dark halls of our juvenile detention centers without the persistent light and love of others.  We hope that you will join us in our quest for the next generations' journey into the light by helping us reach just one child at a time.

Lastly, but of equal importance, the Youth of Honor Foundation will strive to work very closely with the parent(s) of our youth.  It is our belief that the role of the parent(s) is vital to strengthening the moral fiber and the self-confidence of our youth while creating a nourishing environment that yields towards a positive progression of each and every youth. While there is an old saying "It takes a village to raise a child", we are going to expand on this note by saying; "It takes caring people in the village to step up and help raise a child." Together, we will make a real difference!