YRC Group is the world's first company or we can say a group started by Yash Karira in 2007. YRC Group is maintained by Yash Karira as a head of the group. Yash Karira started YRC Group as a free software foundation which should develop software free of cost & provide it free to all its users. Many people still think that how a group can be operated by student but ya its true today many students are doing many innovations so is ours.

We strongly follow all the development rules for all kind of development. We make our website by our own, our software & other stuffs.  YRC Group is starting its first release by its browser named Weblink. YRC Group is releasing it without any charges & other stuff so that Indian people also have a choice. Yash Karira is a computer magnet which keeps exploring new technologies via internet & keeps developing something new for the country. We do not have any money accounts because we don’t work for money but yes for fame. As Yash said YRC Weblink is the India’s first platform web browser for Windows Operating System. So let’s see how far Weblink goes.