SSI Corporation was founded in 1985 and is the only company in the world entirely focused on rapidly delivering intelligent external storage device and retrieval solutions that enable companies and organizations to leverage their growing volumes of Mobile Rack into profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

SSI invented and is recognized as the world leader in the market for external storage devices. Current SSI product offerings include the following Trayless technologies:HDD Docking Station, External Enclosure, RAID solution, Mobile Rack, Backplane, NAS solution and Rackmount…etc. are the leading information access and external storage devices for every major computing platform in today's business enterprise.
Our core value is Innovation, Quality, Service, and Passion. SSI's strong desire to continuously delivering advanced storage and retrieval data channel technology to companies whose success depends on information. In the past few years, we've provided incomparable OEM/ODM products and services by great design flexibility and cost-effective solutions. The ISO 9001 reassure SSI product quality and our commitment to our customers.

We have experienced completing an OEM/ODM project within the schedule and meet customers' product requirements. We believe that being a leader of innovative technology means we are able to integrate the latest technology into our products which are the key to be successful for SSI as well as for the customers.

SSI was recognized in 1999 by CETDC as one of the Rack world's 2 Best- Managed Mobile Rack Companies. In 2005, SSI unique Trayless HDD Docking Station was a big breakthrough for the traditional external enclosure market. This has been awarded by Computex Taipei design & innovation award (organized by iF) in 2008 !! We've been working closely with world's major server host external storage device companies for years to ensure that our products have high compatibility and solid stability.