True quality
The purest organic fabrics and materials which are OekoTex certified are thoroughly and carefully selected directly from the manufacturers of Germany, Spain and Italy.
We have invested in our search for the best manufacturers. We spared no expense just to make sure that our backers will get the best of the best.
Design and construction
Each design is unique. Everything, from idea to the realization, is born in the mind of our designer.
Models are developed using the proved constructioning techniques on the modern software, and nuances are perfected in the course of numerous fittings.
Each product undergoes testing to be fully confident in result on perfection.
We build relationships with our partners which work decades in the world of fashion, and make fabrics for the most known brands worldwide.
We skip margins of wholesalers and we share these savings with our backers.
The price level is not comparable for that skill and comfort. Less than $50 for clothes $150+.
Interesting fact: We used fabrics which were seen in the collections of the designer Terekhov and the Nanos brand.
We have spent nearly three years in development, we didn't feel sorry for money to finally to be convinced that we have the right to be confident in our clothes.
Experience and reliability
We do not assume liabilities, which we will not be able to perform. We have experience of children's clothing manufacture and delivery to customers, and we wish to earn trust of our supporters.