Yuwei Info Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, established in 1998, its predecessor- -a military group for land wurvey technology is a research group and manufacturer, specializing in GPS tracking system, Telematics, and Software. A variety of GPS systems come out and support all fields for applications: Vehicle tracking for car fleet management, personal tracking for workforce management security, assets/ equipment tracking etc. Solutions.

Yuwei Info Technology Co., Ltd. is also an AVL Solution Provider for worldwide services in Fleet Management, Location Based Services, Machine-to-Machine applications.

With about 120 employees, Yuwei Info Technology Co., Ltd. Develops and manufactures a number of GPS tracking Systems under the lead of a team of around 40 Engineers (32 hardware design and testing engineers and 8 software engineers with extensive experience focused on GPS, GSM/GPRS Tclematics technology. )