Based in Vancouver BC, Canada and Tokyo Japan, Yuyosoft Innovations Inc develops and sells mobile games, music recordings and designer goods.

The mobile games business releases innovative and addictive games for mobile phones and tablets on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). The small but experienced development team has been producing a new game every one or two months, and will continue to do so. The team believes that there is still much to be explored in the domain of games with 2D graphics, as many contemporary games have the same 3D look and feel, often with gameplay that is less than compelling. URL: yuyosoft.com

Yuyosoft's music business releases new recordings under the labels New JPOP, Purest Jazz, Edge of the Road, Distinctly Odd and Beat Red Records. The recordings feature mostly undiscovered artists in Canada and Japan. URL: rufuslinproductions.com

The designer goods business is centered around the personal brand and fan base of Rufus Lin, whose designer work includes a high-end mechanical watch (brand: Rufus Gerard, model: Lacus Temporis), a Canadian (BC) red wine (rufuslinwines.com), works of visual art and literature, and designer fashion items such as luxury leather wallets. Rufus Lin's creative projects are wide-ranging, including the Alien Diversity Appreciation project, which is a subtle approach to supporting diversity and inclusion among humans.