Z-Licious Games, LLC was founded in 2013 by Zach DeStefano, a Malvern Prep high school freshman at the time, with a focus on producing games that mesh retro arcade styling with modern technology for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The company's products include 8-Bit Beatdown, a pixelated platform-based game using phone and tablet motion controls; Duality, a simple monochrome game requiring players to manipulate two objects at once; Retro Miner , a scrolling ore-mining game featuring in-app purchases where players can manage their budgets and upgrade their ships; and its newest release, Get Off My Planet, a fast-paced game about dodging obstacles. All games are available in both the Apple and Google Play stores, having received more than 140,000 downloads from over 150 countries. Z-Licious Games, LLC is based in Exton, Pennsylvania.