Founded in 2009, ZaamSolutions.com, an Independent Application Developer from Sydney, Australia, focuses on creating fun, innovative and useful mobile applications and websites.

The App "ITA - Important Transport Alerts from Twitter" (Free iOS/iPhone App) is their fourth iPhone/iOS App released on the AppStore. This App displays important alerts from transport, traffic, emergency, weather and other Twitter feeds that you require for your everyday travel to work. View alerts from the cities of London, New York and Sydney, giving you up to date information.

Picture this: Your subway train is stopped mid-tunnel on the Piccadilly Line of the London Tube, and there's no notification of what the delay is, or you're stuck in a traffic jam on Lincoln Tunnel approaching Manhattan in New York City, or you're in Sydney, and your train, bus or ferry is delayed.
If you have these alerts in advance, you can save time, plan and take a different route.

As well, ZaamSolutions.com has released two recent iPhone games "2048 Global Challenge - Powers of 2, 3 and Fibonacci", a variant of the addictive puzzle tile games 2048, 1024 and Threes, as well as having released "Jumping Joey Travels The World", a game app for iPhone and iPad, featuring stunning images and awesome smooth ambient songs to play along to, not to mention a cute hopping kangaroo.