The mission of this law firm shall be accomplished by adhering to the following values:

1.     INTEGRITY - We will handle our affairs with honesty.  We will earn the trust of our community.  Our word is our bond.  We will not slip things by people.  We will be forthright and up-front about fees, laws, expectations, and results.

2.     SERVICE - Clients will experience caring service; they will feel our arms wrapped around them.  We will ease their pain and relieve their anxiety.  We will be trusted caretakers.  Clients will never wonder what is going on or what is to happen.

3.     ORGANIZATION - We will be supremely organized. We will accumulate accurate information.  We will establish missions for our cases.  We will function from systems, procedures, checklists, and careful daily planning

4.     TEAMWORK - We will work as a team.  Each person will have a role and know their role.  Each member of the team will know about each case.  The client will feel better served - not passed off.  We will work so everyone on the team knows what is going on.

5.     OPTIMUM WORK ENVIRONMENT - Our office and equipment will be state-of-the-art and luxurious.  We will work energetically and happily.  We will enjoy work and each other.  Work will be well organized and balanced - not panic driven.

6.     PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE- We will know the law and its latest developments.  We will be aware of national trends and developments.  Our pleadings, agreements, and efforts will be thorough, well thought out, and beyond reproach.

7.     FINANCIAL SUCCESS - We will seek the highest levels of financial success.  We will use sound business practices, state-of-the-art accounting, and systematic collection. All employees will do well.

8.     PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT - Our employees will pursue personal development and successful habits.  We will put God first in our lives followed by our families, our churches, and this law firm.  We will wake up early, attend to our religious needs, exercise, eat healthy, read, keep abreast of developments, and be excellent family and community members.

9.     UNIQUE AND UNPARALLELED SERVICE - We will think outside the box to provide the highest levels of service - service that is unique and unrivaled.

10.     NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD - We will always strive to be better every day and to gain a reputation as the preeminent family law firm in the world.