Professionalism teaching Spanish language
ZadorSpain, Spanish language schools offers professionalism, reliability and efficiency. We specialise in teaching Spanish language to students of many different nationalities.

Experience teaching Spanish since 1990
Since we opened our Spanish language school in 1990 until today, we have broadened and improved our Spanish programs thanks to the help of the companies and educational centres for whom we have organised Spanish courses and, fundamentally, to the experience that comes from our daily work with the students – the driving force behind our Spanish language schools.

Learning Spanish with a communicative approach
Our priority is your progress learning Spanish language. That is why we pay special attention to the teaching method and the materials we use to teach Spanish language and why we only offer Spanish courses in small classes with a maximum of 7students per classroom and an average of 5.

Different Spanish language Programs for adults to suit your needs
ZadorSpain Spanish language Schools offer you different programmes to learn the Spanish language. The most popular courses among our students are the General Spanish courses:
- Standard Course, with 3 Spanish lessons per day
- Intensive Course, with 4 Spanish lessons per day
- Super-Intensive Course, with 4 Spanish lessons per day in a group plus a private lesson.

We also offer programmes of Spanish for specific purposes —Business Spanish, Spanish for preparing DELE exams, Spanish & Culture…— as well as programmes of Holiday language Courses, such as Spanish & Golf, Spanish & Tennis, Spanish & Sailing or Windsurfing, Spanish & Excursions or Spanish & Wine Tasting…

Services for your Spanish program in Spain
--Plenty of activities prepared so that you are sure to enjoy your free time after your Spanish lessons.
- Accommodation for your study abroad program .
- Transfer from airports near Alicante or Vitoria
- Insurance for your language stay.

Spanish summer camps for children and teenagers
At ZadorSpain Vitoria we offer Basketball Summer Camp (13-17 years old), for intermediate and advanced youth basketball players.  This Basketball Camp is organized by ZadorSpain in partnership with TAU Baskonia Basketball School. In addition to Spanish lessons, students will participate in daily Basketball Camp as well as enjoy cultural tours and visits. You can visit our Website for the Basketball Camp: http://www.basketball-camp-spain.com

At ZADOR  Alicante we have different programs for Teenagers (14-17 years old) and for Children (8-13 years old).  In both cases, host family accommodation with full board is included. Below there is a short description of Summer Camps in Alicante:

Spanish Summer Camps for Teens (14 -17 years old) have a duration of 2, 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the program) and include Spanish course plus activities with Spanish teens in summer camp, in July and August. It is a pack including a Standard Spanish course (3 lessons per day), host family full-board accommodation, activities (sailing, windsurfing, tennis... depending on the program), excursions and trips, transfer from Alicante airport and insurance.

•     Spanish and Tennis summer camp  with intensive tennis training in a summer camp in the morning to prepare young tennis players for tournaments.
•     Spanish and sailing summer camp: 2 weeks, with 3 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, sailing camp in the morning, plus other activities.
•     Spanish and windsurfing summer camp:  2 weeks, with 3 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, windsurfing lessons in the morning, guided tours.
•     Spanish and tennis lesson :  2, 3, 4 weeks, learning Spanish in the afternoon and receiving 1 tennis lesson per day in the afternoon, plus visits and trips.

Spanish Summer Camps for Children: 2, 3 or 4 weeks to learn Spanish and practice sports with Spanish children in July and August with the maximum level of supervision by the school and host families.

- Spanish and Activity Summer Camp  (8-12 years old): 2 or 4 weeks, with summer camp in the morning, 2 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, guided tours, and one full day excursion per week.

- Spanish Water Sports Summer Camp: 2 week summer camp for children and kids with Water Sports Camp with Spanish children in the morning and Spanish course in the afternoon.

- Spanish and Tennis Summer camp: 2, 3 or 4 weeks, summer camp in the morning, 2 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, guided tours…

- Spanish and Sport Summer camp with golf : 2, 3, 4 weeks, summer Camp in the morning, 2 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, guided tours…

No matter the course you choose, lessons will only be in mini-groups, with a maximum of 7 and an average of 4 or 5 students. Rest assure that learning is faster and attention is personalised.

The entire ZadorSpain team would like your stay abroad learning Spanish language in Spain to be an unforgettable experience.