Zaman University was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ali Kokten, who is the current Chairman of Zaman International School (ZIS) which has two campus as High School and Kindergarten & Primary School. The success of both campus has convinced us to extend our mission to contribute further to the development and improvement of education sector in Cambodia.

With the same kind of enthusiasm and commitment to excellence, Zaman University strives to provide the best education in Cambodia so as to raise the standard of education, as well as to produce an excellent pool of human resource that will definitely contribute to the development of Cambodia.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

The global world that we live in today is being shaped by extraordinary individuals. Meeting the challenges and opportunities of an interdependent world will require versatile intellectual competence and uncompromising commitment. Those who thrive in and contribute to this world will have a solid sense of who they are, and respect for who others are, as individuals, as members of a group, as citizens of their nation, and as members of a global community. They will have a rigorous academic preparation and passion to become the best they can be and to help others achieve their best.

Zaman University aspires to be a bold and dynamic community, with an unparalleled sense of commitment, which strives for positive influence and impact on Cambodia and the world through our education, research and service. Every member of our university enjoys diverse opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth. Zaman University will be home to an academic community who will in turn promote outstanding individuals to succeed in our fast-changing world.


To discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge, produce creative work, and promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Zaman community.

Zaman University will

- provide affordable and high quality undergraduate and graduate education
- provide services and resources to promote student learning and academic success
- inculcate skills with which graduates will be capable of living and working effectively in a global environment
- foster faculty, staff, and student outreach programs
- provide a safe and secure work environment
- provide academic services to the public and to organizations of both governmental and private sectors
- promote economic development in Cambodia, in the region and the world through research, collaboration, and technological innovations
- train scientific and technological personnel to meet national and international development needs
- adapt, transfer, and develop suitable technology to increase Cambodia’s technological self reliance
- contribute into the development of human resources in Cambodia, the region and the world
- support and strengthen the faculty, staff, student, and administrative governance structures in order to promote shared governance of the institution.


Zaman University will be a prominent university in Cambodia, the region and the world known for its academic excellence and producing quality human resources.


Leading your way...

Core Values

- Responsibility
- Integrity
- Discovery
- Excellence