- Zam Zam Water is an initiative that was founded by Yusuf Nessary in July 2014 to bringing clean, sustainable water to those in need, one well at a time. With the generosity of donors, just like you, his vision and dream slowly, but surely, came into fruition. Within the first 50 days, we were able to raise enough money for our first water well project; Uganda. As of 11/14/14, Zam Zam Water has gained 501(c)(3) status and are officially recognized as a non-profit organization.
- Help us by providing clean water as the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty. Access to clean water gives a person the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. The time kids spend wandering tirelessly for their next drink can now be spent in a classroom, gaining an education to bring change to their community. The hours women once spent walking to fetch water can now be spent earning a living for their families.
- The process is simple: Once a project is fully funded, we send the money to our implementing partners who have committed to using 100% of it to directly fund project costs. Given the time of year and accessibility to the region, we determine where exactly the well is drilled. After some time, full reports on the community impact and sustainability are accessible for everyone involved to see. Our goals for 2015: YEMEN, RWANDA, and AFGHANISTAN.